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Please send us the following details. We list the Company or Trading Name, the Description, the County, Telephone number and Email address. We will link to the Website if there is one.

We don't pass any of the information on to anyone else. Please DO NOT type your entries in UPPER CASE, but use normal capitalisation where appropriate. Please do NOT include any links in any of the fields, other than the Website field itself, as these entries will be rejected.

Note that we list you in one category for free. After completing this form you will be given the opportunity to request to be listed in additional categories at a small charge.

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We aim to add suitable craft people to the Internet Craft Fair within a week of receiving the details. We only accept craft producers who are based in the UK and craft suppliers who will supply to or are based in the UK. We reserve the right to refuse an addition to the Craft Fair without explanation (although we normally give one!).