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Sponsoring a page means that you will get a prime position within a Craft Fair page to promote your site and products.

The Internet Craft Fair
  • One of the UK's first and most successful craft directories
  • Over 1,000,000 visitors per year
  • Has been featured and reviewed in a number of publications including the Guardian Newspaper as one of the top 10 sites for Hobbies and Interests
  • Over 8000 listed crafters and continuously growing

Sponsorship Format

Home Page
Sponsorship on the Home page will be a large box on the right side with an image and a 20 word description plus a link to your site.
Other Pages
Sponsorship in the category and sub-category pages will be a text feature within a banner at the top of the sponsored page. There is a limit of 80 characters (including spaces). The title can link to any page in your site. There is an option of adding a small logo for an additional £12.
Sponsorship Rate Card
  Number of Sponsors Rate (inc VAT) Annual Rate (inc VAT)
Home Page Two £24 per 2 week period N/A
Main Hall One £36 PCM £396
Events Diary One £36 PCM £396
Craft Materials One £36 PCM £396
Category * One per page £24 PCM £264
Sub-Category ** One per page £12 PCM £132
* Category = all the Halls within the Main Hall (e.g. Clothing Hall), Learn A Craft/The Learning Zone, Guilds & Organisations, Food Hall, Magazines/Publications
** Sub-Category = all the pages with the contact listings on them e.g. Clothing : Silk, Food Hall : Drinks, Publications : General Craft

Setting Up Your Sponsorship

If you are interested in sponsoring the Home Page, please fill in the Home Page Sponsorship Form. For all other sponsorship opportunities, fill in the Category Sponsorship Form. For full details, please read our Terms & Conditions.