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Internet Craft Fair

SoHo life and technology today

The site was reviewed in the Internet news & reviews section of Issue No. 1 of SoHo Life & Technology Today.
Internet Craft Fair front page
The arts and craft camp pitches in cyberspace

A crafty Internet solution ...

If you run a home business involved in the Arts and Crafts market, then you will find this one of the most useful websites around. Whether you are looking to buy Craft products, wanting to go to a Craft fair, right through to wanting to source raw materials for producing your own Craft products, all the information that you will need is available on this site - As the home page states 'the Internet Craft Fair, a cornucopia of Crafts in the UK, with details of crafters, suppliers, craft guilds, organisations and forthcoming craft events'

This site has been well put together, providing quick and easy access to the vast selection of resources available from the site via a simple menu system that changes according to the area of the site that you are in. The pages have been well designed, keeping the page and graphics sizes down to a minimum thus providing short download speeds.

The whole site has actually only been developed around a single HTML template page and a database, which is constantly being updated. The pages you see are automatically generated from the database as you view them, ensuring that you always get the very latest information when you log onto the site.

Using a database as the main information source for the website has enabled the site developers to add a number of useful search pages, so rather than having to scroll through pages of possibly irrelevant information, all you have to do is to enter in your search criteria and press the search button to display the information you want.

About the only fault with the site that I consider worth mentioning is that whilst the colour and graphics use is quite appropriate for the target market, I do think that the site is possibly a little drab. This is exacerbated by the fact that all the pages are being generated from the same template so the same style is applied across the whole site - personally I would prefer to see each section having a slightly different style so that one can more easily differentiate between the sections.

Even if you aren't interested in the Craft market, this site is well worth a visit, even if only from a technical point of view.