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For you precious Re-born's, specially made hand crafted smocked clothes

Create your own Heirloom's with Honeycraft Smocking Kits ~ popular designs either ready gathered for you to smock and sew, or with the smocking already done for you to sew together.  Everything you need including step-by-step instructions.

Made-to-measure Re-enactment clothing. 

About Honeycraft

My name is Heather Flint and I have been smocking since the early 1980’s – firstly for my four daughters as they came along, and then for other folk.

I have specialised in making Reproduction Farmer’s Smocks and adapting the historical pattern layout for many different purposes but I also make bespoke and traditional children’s smocked designs and other smocked garments for adults (men and women).

As each garment is made to suit an individual purchaser, it is difficult to produce illustrations of every variation that customers might want. However in the Products section I have included some ideas and garments I have made to give you some ideas.

The cost of each order needs to be calculated individually as the price will depend on the design of the garment, the number of smocked rows, any additional embroidery, type of material and if you want to supply the material or for me to source it for you. I will be pleased to discuss any project you have in mind with no obligation to place a firm order (although, of course, I hope that you will!)

Thank you for your interest in Honeycraft Smocks & Smocking and I look forward to discussing your ideas with you very soon.

CALLING ALL BRITISH SMOCKER'S: Smocking can be a lonely craft as finding fellow Smocker's can be difficult.  I would like to create a directory of Smockers in the UK so if you would like to join us, please send your name, contact details and the type of smocking you do (whether as a business or just for pleasure) via e-mail or by post (see contact details page.)  Thank you.

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